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New to the game and confounded by all the distinctive poker terms you hear?

We’re here to help.

Beneath you’ll locate a simple to-pursue poker glossary of the most significant poker terms you have to feel increasingly good at the tables.

Try not to be scared by the language individuals drop at the table! It appears to be a great deal to get a handle on from the start however most poker terms are very simple to translate. What’s more, a great deal of poker terms even bode well.

You may even discover some poker terms somewhat enchanting as there’s a celebrated history to a significant part of the language poker players use among different individuals the clan.

In the event that you have any inquiries concerning any poker สมัคร SBOBET terms or don’t discover a word or term you’re searching for, if it’s not too much trouble post a remark underneath the page! We’d be glad to clarify it for you.

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Poker Terms A-Z


“ABC” Poker

Direct, “by the book” poker meaning you raise when you think you have the best hand, crease when you don’t and infrequently feign.

Pro (Ace-high)

The ace is the most noteworthy positioned card in poker, however will likewise play as a low card for straights (A-2-3-4-5). Having “ace-high” signifies the most ideal hand you can make is a high card of an ace. This is more awful than any pair.


1) A player’s go to act. It’s your activity.

2) An ability to bet or play visit huge pots. An activity player.

3) A proportion of how dynamic a game is. An activity game alludes to a game where there is a lot of wagering and raising.

4) A player’s interest in a game or bet. Additionally used to allude to getting a few or the majority of another player’s interest in a game or bet. I’ll take a large portion of your activity.

Activity Card

A managed network card which has the probability of improving various players’ hands, bringing about a sensational increment in real life.


1) In a competition an extra is the alternative for any player to buy extra chips, paying little mind to the present size of their chip stack. Commonly competition additional items are just offered at a particular time during the competition.

2) Buying more chips between hands in a money game, including them to your stack.


To make a self-evident, or abnormal play at the table with the goal of indicating different players what you simply did. Normally promoting is done to give your adversaries the impression you’re playing an alternate style, or are not as solid of a player as you really seem to be.

Animosity, Aggressive

The degree to which a player is managing the activity with wagers and raises is refered to as being forceful, or having a significant level of hostility.


A hand of incredibly low relative worth. Having air is what might be compared to having nothing or running a total feign. I feigned with only air.

All in

Having the total of your stack in the pot. Being in with no reservations. Moving the whole of your stack into the pot with a wager, raise or call. She brought all-up in.

American Airlines

Pocket pros (managed AA) in Hold’em.


An activity or move of faulty ethical quality used to exploit another player or circumstance. Any player who uses calculating at the table is known as an “edge shooter”.

Anna Kournikova

Slang for the hand of Ace-King (AK) in Holdem. Freely signifying “it looks superior to anything it plays.”


A constrained wager of a foreordained sum which must be paid by every player before getting their cards.

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