Phone Cases: How to Choose the Best?

Phone Cases: How to Choose the Best?

Rock crazy, freak, genius – US American musician Jack White, who held a concert for the first time on Thursday evening, is already accustomed to sounding epithets. Forty’s three-way singer, guitarist, composer and producer is one of the most important rock musicians in the past two decades.

He earned this title not only because of his unique style of playing and playing, but also because of the crazy pace of work. For over a decade, Jack has been involved in a number of projects that suffice for several lives. On Thursday, he held a concert at the Vilnius Arena in Vilnius, where the viewers will not make any photos taken by the mobile phone – their phones are locked in special cases before the event.

And this is just one of the many unusual stories associated with W. White. For example, after a concert in Riga on Thursday morning, a musician who came to Vilnius categorically forbade his performance to be captured by media photographers. Only a photographer traveling with him for the first time has been allowed to take pictures. The motto is to enjoy music without interfering with the look of the mobile screen, the phones above the head, or the clicks of the cameras. In Vilnius, as well as in other cities where J.White plays, the mobile phone could only be used during a concert,

specially enclosed area in the arena corridor. Upon entering it, the soft phone case was unlocked and locked on exit. This has created an interesting atmosphere – the internet is a strange thought, the guess hall without the screens of the raised telephones looked a bit unusual. Especially when in-line viewers with a slower okayurian have put lighters on their heads – after a few years they have been being replaced by telephones at such moments.

Earlier on Thursday, lrytas wrote, and together with Jack, a famous Hollywood actor, John C.Reilly of Lithuanian descent arrived. The guitarist’s friend on the eve, along with Jack, appeared on stage in Riga. On the stage, J.White and her four group of musicians followed her after the ninth evening – after “warming” Lithuanian performers “Curly Boss”.

She met the crowd of fans to spy – a rocker who is acting on the stage, played Lithuanian songs from her three solo albums, and the oceans created for her previous groups. True, he seemed much more energetic than spectators – as the concert was reassured by a number of fans, sometimes it seemed that the crowd knew only a couple of Hawit’s octopus. The fans could bring a special souvenir from the concert – each poster is created for each show.

More than three thousand spectators – quite a few – gathered at J.White’s concert, but the Siemens Arena could, of course, accommodate much more. In neighboring countries, Jack’s concerts take place in smaller halls. The organizers of the concert in Vilnius said that the number of viewers satisfied them and the artist, and the larger area was chosen, leaving the possibility that the audience would come more.

A number of Lithuanian musicians could also be seen in the crowd – members of the band Biplan, Robert Semenuk, Brass’s leader Valius Klimavičius, group G & G Sindikato, DJ Mamania and others. Wit, who has taken the stage with a striped sail shirt, played for almost two hours – both his solo hits and his former band The White Stripes (My Doorbell, lodge Yorba) or The Raconteurs ( in step with bisexuals have moved the regular As She goes can visit this site telefonu deklai.

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