Nutcracker Movie Review

 Nutcracker Movie Review

Clara Stahlbaun is anything but a typical lady from the Victoria age. She is best with mechanical instruments and love to solve puzzles. On Christmas Eve, when he decreased mother leaves her an complex egg that requires to be unlocked, she is puzzled that it that it came without a key. So, she sets out to ask her Drosselmeyer godfather about this amazing gift. Pretty does she know that he has powers of his own. He leads her to a fantasy globe where the land of Sweets, Land of flowers, and Land of snowflakes have banished Mother Ginger for her amazing actions. Rent a Santa with the Nutcracker for December Christmas parties in South Florida. Enjoy taking pictures, even hiring the Grinch too. Clara is suddenly immersed into the planet where she needs to find the key, but also restore harmony and peace across the 4 Realms.

A princess who does not know about her real reputation, toys that come to life, Kingdoms at war with each other, and extravagant and stylish costumes, despite having all the makings of a typical fairy-tale,  Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the 4 Realms undoubtedly  falls into the backfire category. Famous predominately to be a musical show, this rendition practically skips that approach altogether to focus on visual pageantry, a gimmick that soon outlets its welcome. Despite its eye-candy, the movie is utterly dreary with pretty character to drive a unsurprising plot.

Although the cast boasts of different Academy Award winners Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman, they emerge to be sleepwalking via a mundane script. Keria knightley tries to introduce some enthusiasm into sugar Plum but ends up being horribly sweet. Despite Mackenzie Foy top efforts to make Clara a spirited girl trying to find her location in the true, and fantasy globe.

As an outcome, these characters are as amazing as army of toy tin solders, and you know there is a big issue when the most remarkable creature is a CGI-rendered mouse. This big mess seems to be a case too many cooks; Lasse Hallstorm (co-directors) and Joe Johnson fumble with a convoluted plot that is riddled with glaring holes all through. Devoid of any fun and thrill, it is doubtful that even the core adult audience will be engaged enough to sit via this one.

There is no vital injury or death on-screen, main characters do face betrayal and peril, and both children and adult mourn the loss of Clara much-loved mother, Marie. Clara interest in invention/science is celebrated, as are courage, trusting yourself, perseverance, and learning from your errors.


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