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Attachments and accessories

TheraGun proves that it can do extra than simply relieve tension. It’s a dynamic massager that gives assist with blood move, sore muscles, muscle cramps, and a lot extra.

The massager comes with four distinctive massage gun that each percentage the identical purpose of aiding in sore muscle comfort, however each attachment does it in it’s personal manner. The special attachments and more than one accessories included are as follows:

Sporting case

AmpBITs sporting case

Four exceptional AmpBITS (trendy ball, huge ball, cone and dampener)

Lithium ion charger

Lithium ion batteries

Battery life

The battery life for the TheraGun is quite sturdy. They usually closing approximately 45 mins and take approximately an hour to price. TheraGun recommends retaining each batteries charged so you can select up the second whilst the primary dies.


We liked that the TheraGun has such a lot of customers and positive evaluations. this is possibly due to the TheraGun being the maximum widely known rubdown gun. The gun itself works thoroughly and without a doubt has the whole thing you want in a expert, medican rub down gun that can pinpoint muscle and stress, alleviating any pain and tension.

It’s important to notice that this rub down tool is a chunk high-priced, but it’s really worth the price thinking about you get a couple of attachments and accessories, as well as the excessive-powered best. You gained’t find too many massagers which can output as much as 80 lbs of pressure.

Updated: September 5, 2019 — 6:32 am

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